COST B2 Action:

Quality Assurance of Nuclear Medicine Software




1. COST B2 Final Report


The work presented in this report has formed the basis of several national software QC programmes in nuclear medicine, such as the one currently running in the UK (see, under the heading 'quality assurance').


2. Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Departments with Respect to Software Based Methods


This report was not included in the COST B2 Final Report (see below). It was published separately by the SWEDAC, the national Accreditation body of Sweden. Printed copies can be obtained from the following address:



Box 878

SE-501 15 Boras



The ISBN number is 91-630-9517-3


Click here to download an electronic copy (450KB PDF file) of the report, which was referred to (as "an admirable document") by a working group that looked at the wider issues of accreditation in nuclear medicine [The Final Report of the EANM/UEMS Nuclear Medicine Accreditation Working Group. Eur J Nucl Med 2000;27: BP17-BP20].


COST (European Co-operation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research) is a European research body organised by DGXII of the European Commission. About 130 large-scale projects (covering all sectors of industry) have been commissioned since COST was formed in 1971. Project "B2" was concerned with quality assurance of nuclear medicine software. The project ended in September 1996, and the final report was published in late 1997 (Eur 17916 EN; ISBN 92-828-1501-3).

This web site has been set up to allow you to download a copy of the COST B2 Final Report (1.73MB PDF file) and to obtain other information about the project and related areas of research. The electronic version has some figures missing (from sections 4.2, 4.3) that were difficult to incorporate. You will see gaps in the text at these positions.

To download the document, simply right click on the highlighted title above ('COST B2 Final Report'), then select "Save Target As" (in Microsoft Internet Explorer) or "Save Link as" (in Netscape Navigator). If you left click, your Acrobat Viewer will try to open the document on-line (not recommended).


I have a few printed copies still available. These are offered free of charge (one per person) on a first come first served basis. Just email me with your full address.



You can also download the DATA used for the renal (renography) sub-project from the following FTP servers:

[a] The software phantoms:

[b] The hybrid phantoms:

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