LeukoScan is a Tc99m-labelled monoclonal antibody fragment supplied by Immunomedics, Inc. You can also go directly to their Leukoscan page. It is simple technetium kit (5 minute preparation) which labels granulocytes in vivo. So far, it's main indication is in the diagnosis of bone infection; either general osteomyelitis, or deep infection associated with hip and knee prostheses.

We have been using LeukoScan for over 5 years and have so far done about 200 cases. Several centres have enquired about the protocol we use, so this has now been made available for download. Only if the initial 3 phase bone scan is positive (i.e. "consistent with infection") do we proceed to a Leukoscan. In our practice, this policy filters out around 60% of referrals for "?bone infection". The detailed camera set-ups are specific, but the basic method will be apparent, and the background information may also be useful. Our clinical results have been reported at various meetings:

1. Autumn 1998 BNMS meeting (Nucl Med Comm 1998, 19: 1099). 

2. Spring 1999 BNMS meeting (Nucl Med Comm 1999, 20: 478).

3. Radioactive Isotopes in Clinical Medicine and Research, Jan 2000 (Eur J Nuc Med, 2000, No 1, S84).

It is our intention to enhance this site further by adding examples of specific cases (TN, FN, TP and FP). To give an idea of format and layout, one or two examples have been included. After considerable experience, our current view (supported by other groups) is that the Leukoscan is most useful clinically when negative. This just leaves the non-trivial issue of deciding what is negative and what is positive.....

Note: The above protocol is in Portable Document Format (PDF), so you will need the Adobe Acrobat Viewer to read/print it. This freeware can be downloaded from the Adobe web site. It is also widely distributed on PC magazine cover CDs (e.g. What PC, PC Plus, PC Pro).

LeukoScan user group

A specific internet-based user group was set up in 1999, but the traffic was really too low for the maintenance involved. It is therefore suggested that you post queries about Leukoscan on the Radiopharmacy Group message board. Note that you will need to register with Yahoo before being allowed to post messages - a simple process that takes a few minutes. 

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